Composting of oasis waste 

Technical training in agroecology under the theme: "Composting of waste from the oasis" in Beni Isguen, from November 15 to 16, 2020

First day of training for oasis CSOs at the Akrez Center (APEB - Beni Isguen) on composting techniques from oasis waste as part of the DevOasis project led by CARI, APEB and El Argoub. This two-day training brought together 16 oasis CSOs from the cities of Ghardaïa, Guerrara, Laghouat, Adrar, Touggourt, Ouargla and Illizi. The training is provided by our colleague Nizar KABAOU, head of the composting station at the level of the Association for the Protection of the Oasis of Chenini (ASOC Tunisia), RADDO focal point in Tunisia. Read more


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